Which Miami Vice character are you?

Which Miami Vice character are you?

Ever seen one of the hottest '80s cop shows ever? Find out which character you are!

published on November 09, 201221 responses 1
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First phrase that comes to mind?

Go ahead: make my day.
Hey, can I have your phone number?
Love that is true never grows old.
Stick to your guns.

When faced with an impossible decision to give yourself up and let your best friend live or die while protecting your best friend, which would you pick?

I would give myself up so my best friend could live...even though I have none.
Give myself up, but not after saying goodbye.
Excellent question! I'll get back to you on that...
Neither: I'd get my best friend to safety and go into hiding myself.
Die while protecting my best friend. What else is there to do?

What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear?

It's all about fashionable! But at the same time, something that's in my price range.
Anything from a tank top and beach shorts to a sun dress.
Whatever's clean! Emphasis on clean.
Suit and tie or anything else business-like.
Just a shirt and pair of jeans.

On a day off, what would you most likely do?

Hang out with a few select friends, maybe do some sight-seeing, and treat said friends out to lunch.
Tidy things up around the house. There always seems to be some sort of paper or another falling off a shelf and cluttering things up. If there was time after that, I would visit a museum.
I'd relax all day, maybe read a book, then go out at night for a few drinks with a date.
"Day off"? I never get a day off! ...But if something like that ever did happen to me, I'd listen to my favourite music group(s) and plan a barbeque for me and my friends.
Go all out! Go dancing, treat myself to some expensive food, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

What's your favourite possession in your bedroom?

Something with sentimental value.
Don't have one.
A picture of you and your best friend.
It would either be my .38 Special or my feather duster.
I like too many of them to pick just one!

Out of these choices, what's your favourite car?

Anything with some sizzle
So long as it gets me where I need to be, I don't care.

Would you ever consider relocating from where you live now?

You kidding me? I finally got used to this place! I'm not about to move!
No. I'm needed at my current home and there I shall stay.
Heck no!
Depends...it could be tempting...
Never in a million years.

Describe yourself in one word.

I don't like these sort of questions...but if I had to pick just one...it'd be thoughtful.
Just the one? *sighs* Well I think sarcastic would fit GREAT.
Aw c'mon! Fine. Silly. <---- See? I got two in there!

Favourite color?

Gotta love that red!
Blue or white.
I like all colours...well most of them!