What PewDiePie character are you?

What PewDiePie character are you?

No obvious answers to get who you want in this one! Answer honestly and be cool about your answer. (Only characters from the Amnesia series) (HW coming soon)

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If you're riding in your canoe, and a wheel falls off, how much pancake batter does it take to reshingle your roof?

What kind of question is THAT?
....Why are you asking ME?
Easy. 2. Anyone could figure that out.
Um...a lot?
Oh! Oh! 4.4354869084765768...
Let me check the record books...

What is your favourite food?

Spaghetti, of course!
I'm a vegetarian.
Deviled eggs!!!

What is your favourite MEME?

Come At Me Bro!
Forever Alone.
Me Gusta!!
Troll Face, bro.
Epic Face.
Socially Awkward Penguin...
Okay Face...

Whos' your favourite band (Solo singers count)

Breaking Benjamin, for reals!
Three Days Grace
One Direction!! <3
Taylor Swift!!!!
Linkin Park.

What's your favourite movie? (If you don't know, answer what sounds cool)

Rush Hour (all)
The Man With Iron Fists!
Snakes in a Plane.
Hunger Games!
The Social Network!!
Romeo and Juliet
Rumble in The Bronx.