What friend do you need?

What friend do you need?

Do you need a sweet,sporty,girly or helpful friend in your group?Take this quiz to find out!Girlz only plz!

published on November 07, 201257 responses 17 4.3★ / 5

Can you talk to your friend when your upset:

Only about fashion!
Sports and sports and sports....that's all

Your crush just showed up!Your friend starts to:

Go shop at the mall!Really!
Ask him to play football...why does she mess up everything
Leave and hang her head!Some help please!
Snicker and tease

What dress does your friend buy:

Something she can run in!What if you need help!
Long and dressy
Causaul and barely a dress
Dirty..without ruffels..

What's your friend's fav color:


When your at the beach what is your friend doing:

All of my friends are a bit mean,so she's talking about me...
They won't help me with these escaping turtles!Ugh!
Playing volleyball!Whatever!
Combing each others hair!