what world do you live in and what power would you have?

what world do you live in and what power would you have?

play this awesome quiz to find out what word and what power you would have.

published on November 06, 201257 responses 15
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What animal would you have as a pet?

I wouldn't have a pet.
Anything exotic, maybe an elephant! (Might be a bit
big though...)
I love all animals!
penguin =) ( i think there cute)
dragon (awesome)

Were would you like to go on holiday?

North Pole
I don't want to go to holiday, thank you!
hot and sunny, with temperatures at least 40 C!
Somewhere where I won't get disturbed.
Tropical islands! Sunny beaches with white sand and
deep blue waves!
A forest, with loads of animals to keep me company!

What's your favourite weather?

Hot and sunny!
Night time
Not too hot but just sunny.
Any weather is fine for me!
Any weather, as long as it doesn't disturb me.

If you could choose any, what hair colour would you have?

Bright red with streaks of orange and yellow!
light blue with streaks of white
Brown hair, of course!
Any colour, maybe bright purple, or orange, or green!
Any colour, as long as it's not bright.

What is your favourite colour

Bright colours!
Earthy green
Hot red or orange!
Pastel colours (or white)
cool blue