are you wolfguy's best freind?

i made this quiz when i was 11. just wanna leave it here as a time capsule so everyone can see it lol

published on November 06, 20121 response 0
are you wolfguy's best freind?
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where would you rather be?

dont care. im fine with ether one

would you rather

put on 12 tons of make up
hanging out with freinds and family
drawing/reading/hanging out with my buds. im fine with any of those

who would you choose to hang out with?

that bratty snob at the end of the street thats mean to everybody but is super popular
the queit boy/girl with their nose in a book
the hyper boy/girl who is super fun and talks alot and calles you funky dimples. (yes most of my freinds call me that. its a long

what is your favorite book?

oh wow ive read so many i cant choose! harry potter,erec rex,eragon,hunger games,hatchet the srk the reed and the fire cloud.
and houndreds more
ummm. . . green eggs and ham?
oh science fiction stuff

what do you do when you relize that you have a test tomarrow?

nothing! ill just ask the nerds next to- i mean study all night
kinda blow it off because you forgot. . . again
study super hard all night

what is your least favorit subject?

math. BOO!!
i like all my classes!
dont know dont care