Which famous person's idea of pride are you most similar to?

Which famous person's idea of pride are you most similar to?

When it comes to pride, Joseph, Jesus, C.S. Lewis, Willy from Miller's "Death of a Salesman", Kahinde Wiley, Paul Cadmus, and Coughlin & Wade have very different opinions. Which of these are you most similar to? Find out with this quiz!

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You hear two of your close friends talking badly about you...what is your reaction

Ignore it, karma will make them pay for it
Don't stand for it, you are proud of who you are
and no one can make you feel inferior
Play a few pranks to get back at them, but
forgive them eventually
You don't need them anyways, you have always
been better than them

You just got fired, but your significant other got a raise...what do you do?

Work to compete with him or her, you know you
are better at what you do, you just have to make
sure they don't forget
Don't tell your partner, just keep pretending you
are doing well at work so that they do not think
you are a failure
Congratulate them. this may be hard for you
now, but you love them and better opportunities
will present themselves to you in the future
Act happy, but make sure to do a lot of manly
tasks around the house to that your partner
knows you still hold the pants in the relationship

You find out your partner has been cheating on you...how do you react?

Stay strong, don't let him or her know that it
hurts you
Figure out what the other man or woman's
redeeming qualities are and make sure to over
exaggerate them, you are better than them
You know they have done wrong, but you must
stay with them because it is the right thing to do
Dump them, it is about time you stood up for

You have to do community service at your local soup kitchen...what are you thinking?

Do it because you know if you do people will
look it you in a better light
Do it whole heartedly, you love to help others
If it will make people like you, you will go for it
No way....there is nothing manly about that

You overhear someone making discriminatory remarks about your race...what do you do?

Stand up for yourself, you are proud of your
heritage and have worked hard to become who
you are today
Turn the other cheek, you know that for every
time someone brings you down now you will be
rewarded when you get to heaven
Ignore the remark, but stay strong and don't let
it get to you
Maybe make a small comment, but then forgive
them and move on

You fail your first Pride, Humility, and the Good Life Exam...how do you feel?

Failure is not an option, block it from your
memory and carry on pretending you are doing
The Exam must have been graded incorrectly.
You are such an amazing student and definitely
better than your classmates
It sucks, but you can't let it get you down
Accept it knowing it can only get better from

Your girlfriend or boyfriend buys a new BMW....how do you react?

Hurt by it, your partner is showing off and you
don't want people to think you are weaker than
they are just because you drive a '95 Toyota
Good for them, but you are proud of your car,
you worked hard to buy it
Start saving up so that you can by a Ferrari... that
will show them
Happy for them, but you would rather use your
money to help those who are less fortunate

Your friends are jealous of your new relationship and start ignoring you...what do you do?

Wait it out, they will come around. When they do
you can mess with them a little and then carry on
like nothing happened
Relax, that is their fault and you will be rewarded
for later for how they treated you
Stand strong, don't show any difference in
emotion, just act normal
Nothing, sorry you are more attractive than they