What Cheerleader are you?

What Cheerleader are you?

Are you a Vampire,Regular or Awkward cheerleader?Take this awesome quiz to find out.P.S This is my 12th quiz!

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Your hair color is:

Black..evie black
Bright red
Blonde or light brown

Chew time!You regret eating:

Everything!Who could eat when you need to work on your moves?
The live fish!The live fish!

Your fav colors are:

Blue and Pink
Red,purple and black
Orange,just that color

Who was the first black presidint:

Um....I'm a cheerleader!How am I supposed to know that!
Barack Obama
The First Blood Sucker was!

It's the first day of Cheerleading practice!You:

Make a few mistakes but do your best
Flunk and flunk and flunk and flunk...
Get every step right!It's not my fault I'm talented!

What Winx charcter are you most like?

Techna,your logical!
Bloom,your optimistic!
Musa,your melodioc and a bit strange...