What Cheerleader are you?

What Cheerleader are you?

Are you a Vampire,Regular or Awkward cheerleader?Take this awesome quiz to find out.P.S This is my 12th quiz!

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Your fav colors are:

Blue and Pink
Red,purple and black
Orange,just that color

Chew time!You regret eating:

Everything!Who could eat when you need to work on your moves?
The live fish!The live fish!

What Winx charcter are you most like?

Techna,your logical!
Bloom,your optimistic!
Musa,your melodioc and a bit strange...

Who was the first black presidint:

Um....I'm a cheerleader!How am I supposed to know that!
Barack Obama
The First Blood Sucker was!

Your hair color is:

Black..evie black
Bright red
Blonde or light brown

It's the first day of Cheerleading practice!You:

Make a few mistakes but do your best
Flunk and flunk and flunk and flunk...
Get every step right!It's not my fault I'm talented!