what sonic guy would date you? (1)

what sonic guy would date you? (1)

What Sonic guy would date you? This will be exciting to see what you get!

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Simple queshtion: Whats your favourite colour?

1. Blue
2. Yellow or Orange
3. Red
4. Black
5. Green

What would you do on a first date?

1. Go into a dark room and makeout
2. Go on a airplane ride or build
3. Go and prank your worst enemy
4. Go for dinner and a walk in the park
5. Practise fighting

So you and your best friend get into a fight. What would you do?

1. Talk it out with someone you trust and then try to get your friend to be friends with you again
2. Stay in the fight and after you've cooled down, say sorry to her/him.
3. make something for her/him and make sure your friend can tell the way you feel about the fight
4. Stay in the fight cause its her/his fault
5. Do something about it right away!


1. Swim
2. Adventure
3. Play pranks
4. practise fighting
5. Complain about life

Who's your favourite?

1. Sonic the hedgehog
2. Scourge the hedgehog
3. Knuckles
4. Tails
5. Shadow

How do you usally feel?

1. I feel Great thanks for asking! what about you?( well I feel the same:D)
2. I feel Cool and relaxed why?
3. I feel rage!!!(:<)
4. I feel like I can do anything I want with no body to tell me what I should do
5. I feel really really really great

Final queshtion! who do you think you will get?

1. Sonic
2. Scourge
5. Shadow