What Sonic Character are you?

What Sonic Character are you?

Ok so this is my first quiz. I hope this dose good because I would like to know if ppl like my ideas and stuff so yeah...

published on November 04, 2012102 responses 23
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Whats your favourite colour?

1. Blue
2. Pink
3. Red
4. Orange or Yellow

What do you do in your spare time?

1. Run or excersie
2. Follow your love and think of ways to get him to go out with you
3. Protect something important to you like a gem
4. Build or create something cool!

What superpower would you have?

1. to fly
2. superstrength
3. to turn invisible(:D)
4. superspeed

Whos ur fav Sonic character?

1. Amy rose
2. Tails the fox
3. Sonic the hedgehog
4. Knuckles the echena

Ok so your walking and some of eggmans robots come and attack you. You'ed:

1. Fight them cause you will do anything to save yourself including the world
2. Beat them to the pulp!(yeah!)
3. try to fight but if that dose not work go and rewire them.( wicth means to turn them off)
4. Run away hoping your love will come and save you!

Ok final one:) Did you like this quiz?

1. yes it was cool
2. yeah I guss...
3. not really.(me: :O)
4. I hated it so much!!!