s/d family personality quiz.

s/d family personality quiz.

figure out who in the soden and desgagne family you are most like. answer the questions that you find most resemble you.

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What is your favourite meal out of the two?


What is you favourite colour out of the ones shown?


mac or PC?


favourite fast food of the ones shown?


some one cheats in class beside you with a cheat sheet. the teacher doesn't notice what do you do?

tell in class to the teacher "HEY (teacher's name)
go to teacher after class and tell the teacher. fair
is fair and he/she cheated so they deserve to get
in trouble.
ask them to share the sheet with you and tell
them if they don't you will tell.
congratulate them after class after all they beat
the system!

you are currently single. your crushes facebook status goes from "in a relationship" to "single" what do you do?

as soon as you see it you instantly message them
asking them if they wanna go out.
you spend a good 3 hours screening their
Facebook and social media making sure their
you do nothing. its not likely for them to go out
with you and why bother anyways?

you have $20 currently. there is a $300 pice of soft where that you have wanted for a year now and it just became available for your operating system. how do you get it?

save up. its worth the money after all you have
wanted it for a year why not wait longer.
torrent it. why waste the cash? you've waited a
whole year for this and $300 seems outrages!
get someone else to get it for you!

you are getting a sandwich at tims and the person mess up your order. you still are ok with what they give you but its not what you ordered. what do you do?

"this isn't what i ordered you fix it?"
"im not eating it. i'm not eating any thing."

your friend hurts them selves when they fell down. what do you do?

you immediately go to help them with a "i don't
care if you don't need it I'm helping you!"
say "are you ok?" then you pull out a bag of
bandaids and help them get up.
say "are you ok?" then help them up but don't
give them anything after all its just a scrape.

you are given the choice to solve a question in math that is very difficult and would usually take someone an half an hour to finish. what do you do?

"lemme see that. il be back in five."
look at the question and then decide "give me
the question and some time. il get back to you"
on that."
"no thanks. don't feel like a head ache right