Would U date me?

Would U date me?

This is for BOYS only plz!So,I'm this really cute girl,boys and I wondered if you actually like me!

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Would you tease if I got glasses?

Every day!
A bit...
Nope!Your still so pretty!

Would you buy me gifts?

On special Occasions
No way!It's a waste of money!

There's a super cute girl that shares dorms with you.You:

Smile at her and kiss me
Flirt with her and make out
Don't bother to look at her!She's not as good as me!You make sure to rub it in her face,too!

What's your fav color?


If you could bring anybody on your trip it would be:

You and drinks for you too!
You and then I'd get another ticket for my friend
My guy friends