What sort of Son are you?

What sort of Son are you?

Are you the perfect son that never does any wrong or do you need a little work??? Lets see...

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It's 4am in the morning, YOUR dog is barking and you hear your dad trying to get him inside. Do You;

Stay in bed and hope your Dad gets the dog in quickly so he can go back to sleep (he has work in the morning.
Get up early, thank your Dad and make him some breakfast.
You get out of bed to help him.
Roll over and pretend you never heard him.

Its your Dad's birthday. You;

Help cook dinner for the family, then head out to kick the footy with some mates.
Arrange a surprise birthday for your dad, games, cake, the works!
You forgot it was his birthday so had made plans to go to a mates party.
Meet the family at a restaurant, eat with them and then go do your own thing afterwards.

When you leave school you want to be;

An individual, but think you will probably end up like your dad, following in your fathers footsteps.
Just like Dad, its what you want!
Nothing like your parents!!
Popular, not like your parents... Poor things! lol

On the way to school, do you;

Listen to the station your parents listen to and have a chat.
Sometimes listen the their station, sometimes want your own, sometimes chat.
Whack in the earphones.... Everyone wins!
Ask them to change to your station of choice.

How often does a conversation with your parents (not including any times you are in trouble) go longer than 5 minutes?

Once a week
Once a month
Once a Year
I have no Idea!