Kitty Love-o-meter

Kitty Love-o-meter

how much do you love kittens? take this quiz and find out on the kitty love-o-meter! kitty love-o-meter is a test to see how much you like kittens. it is multiple choice. so it might ask you what do you do if your hanging out with your friends and your cats on the bed? A.move it to the floor B.leave it alone and go somewhere else and the two more. and then at the end it will say if you answered mostly A's you really love cats felines forever and then It might say if answered mostly D's maybe your a dog person. there are points but just ignore them. this quiz is only to see how much you love cats, or if you do at all.

published on November 02, 201250 responses 16
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When you find your kitten on your bed, you:

A. Curl up next to your kitten and read a book
B.Sigh and move it to the floor
C. pull a chair close to kitty and sit there
C. your pets are not allowed on the furniture!

What do you call your felines?

A. kitty-witties
B. my babies
C. my cats
D. Furballs

You've found three kittens at the shelter, but you can't choose. what do you do?

A. Who could resist? i'd have to adopt all three!
B. pick the healthiest of the three
C. Pick the one that matches my outfit
D. i don't get my kittens at the shelter

You and your family will be gone all weekend. what do you do with the cats?

A. the cats are part of the family. they go, too!
B. Hire a professional cat sitter or ask your best friend
to spend some time with the kitties
C. leave them in the house with plenty of water and
D. nothing. they're always outside

You just made a little bit of money babysitting. What do you do with it?

A. buy youself a new outfit and a matching one for the
kitty, too!
B. buy that cat tower you know your furry friend will
C. get the cat a toy
D. spend it on the movies for you and your BFF

Your walls are filled with:

A. it's all about my feline friends.
B. my BFF and my kittens
C. posters of dogs and horses.
D. posters of my favorite singers or movie stars

What is your favorite weekend activity?

A. put on a movie with kitty curled up in your lap.
B. pile on the cats and sleep in
C. volunteering at the local shelter, cat selection of
D. hanging out with my friends.

Where do your cats sleep?

A. on my bed
B. In the fabulous designer bed i just bought.
C. Anywhere they want, but not with the family
D. Outside always!

Your lying on the couch and kitty is curled up on top of you. what do you do?

A. stay right where i am. i dont want to disturb the
"cat" nap.
B. my cat dosen't sleep on me, beside me mabye.
C. Move just a little bit and kitty gets up
D. there is no way my cat would be sleeping on me.

A friend of yours is allergic to cats. What do you do?

A. Find some new friends.
B. i love my cat, but my friend is pretty awesome, too!
C. Go to my friend's house. I'll play with kitty later.
D. My friend is way more important than the cat.