Do you have what it takes to be a cat? take this quiz to see which feline you are most like.This test quizes you on YOUR personality and sais what type of cat you would be.they are multiple choice awnsers. for an exsample, if you awnsered mostly d's, it might say you love math, you would be a great russian blue. because they are smart. and if you look over the awnsers you put like you put 7 d's, and they all had to do with math or something, then that also is another way to look why you r that cat.

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Who would you most like to be marooned with on a deserted island?

A. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
B. Michael Phelps and Alana Blanchard
C. Bear Grylls and Jane Goodall
D. Jackie Chan and Halle Berry

How do you like to spend your free time?

A. Relaxing with a good book
B. Hanging out at the pool
C. Exploring a new store
D. Throwing a ball in the park

What is your favorite after-school activity?

A. Ballet class
B.Water polo
C. Yoga
D. Softball

Your morning routine includes:

A. Wash, blow dry, and straighten your hair
B. Putting on sunscreen
C. Putting on your England t-shirt
D. Hair up in a ponytail, ready to go

Your dream job is:

A. Fashion designer
B. Swimming Instructor
C. Flight Attendant
D. Park ranger

What is your favorite thing about your room?

A. Your full length mirror
B. Your dolphin photos
C. The ever changing wall color
D. Your ribbons and trophies

What makes you unhappy?

What makes you unhappy?
A. Dirty clothes
B. Rainy weather
C. Sitting still
D. Sad friends

After school, your favorite snack is:

A. A bowl of straw berries
B. Ice cream
C. Rice cakes
D. Chips

What kind of car would you like to have?

A. A sports car
B. A convertible
C. An antique that you have to work on
D. A for wheel drive truck

Where do you want to live?

A. In a bustling, glamorous city
B. On a island
C. In another contrey
D. In the mountains

now, if you want to see which feline you are, go back over and count each choice that YOU chose and if you answered mostly A's, then click the first option. the points don't matter by the way. its just to see what feline you are. :)

if you answered mostly A's:
If you answered mostly B's:
If you answered mostly C's:
If you answered mostly D's: