song lyrics

song lyrics

try and guess the name of the song from just the lyrics if you think you know lyrics

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must of stabbed her 50 **** *** times

a little piece of heaven

Shipwreck in a sea of faces
There's a dreamy world up there
Dear friends in higher places
Carry me away from here

to the sky

dear god the only thing i ask of you is to hold her when im not around when i'm much to far away

dear god by a7x
boyfriend by justin beiber

I've seen a lot things in life that words can't explain
See we ain't any different but we just ain't the same
They never listen when we tell 'em, tell 'em
All they understand is venom, venom
People only use you when you let 'em, let 'em
Well if that's the case then I'm the one to blame

tyga snapbacks back
good intentions

I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much
I think this might be it for us (blow me one last kiss)
You think I'm just too serious, I think you're full of shit
My head is spinning so (blow me one last kiss)

blow me 1 last kiss
the king is dead