How confident are you?

How confident are you?

This quiz will show if your insecure or confident! It's great to be confident & comfortable about yourself.

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Do you love yourself for who you are?

Yes! I love myself. I wouldnt want to change!
No. I hate myself, I wish I was prettier.

When you walk in to a room, do you walk with your head up? or head down?

Head up high!
I would rather look down.

You are invited to a party & all of your friends go out and buy the latest fashion. Do you goto the mall & buy the same thing? Or do you put your own pieces together to make yourself unique?

I LOVE to be unique. I hate following the other peoples trends.
If my friends are wearing it, Ill wear it too!

If your friend is making fun of someone do you make fun of them too? Or do you ask them to stop.

I make fun of them too!
I would obviously ask them to stop, thats so rude!

Do you feel ugly when you look in the mirror? Or do you feel beautiful just because you're you!?

I feel very beautiful.
Ugh! I hate looking in the mirror! Im so ugly!