Are you Rue,Prim,or Katniss?

Are you Rue,Prim,or Katniss?

Find out if you are helpless prim, young rue, or strong katniss. No hate comments please?

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What is your ideal meal?

Game,rabbits,the works.
Whatever my sister brings for me,but sometimes I
have goat cheese, and milk

You've. Just gotten reaped. What do you do?

Nothing. My sister volunteered for me.
Build slingshot in advance.
Volunteer and kill something.

The hunger games are going on. What are you doing?

Coverinng a friend in flowers
Watching while my sister's friend feeds me

What's your fave color?


Last....rate and comment?

Sure..after I watch my sister fight in the games
Are you insane? I'm fighting for my life here!!!
I they laptops in heaven?