are you lazy or active 24\7

are you lazy or not

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wht do u do at home

idk(i dont know)
hang on the couch
keep on talking on the phone,blah blah blah

wht do u do while your on the couch

right when i get on the couch i fall asleep easily
go on the computer til bedtime
i do different stuff everyday

do u like football

noo.i dont get how football works
yeah football is awesome i watch it everyday when its on
sometimes if i feel like it

wht do u eat 4 dessert after dinner

a bunch of potato chips and some icecream
some fruits and veggies
well 1 day im eating this next day i eat something different

do u have a pet

no its much work
yeah i have like 2 or 3 i get care of them everyday morning and night
just 1