How much do you know about your BFF?

How much do you know about your BFF?

This is a quiz where your friend or you have to see how much know about them. Are you really Best Friends Forever?

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If your friend is hurt what do you do?

Don't do anything just tell her/him to get up
Help and make them feel better

If your friend is being bullied what do you do?

Leave and let them sort it out
Tell a responsible adult

If your friend say she/he likes something you don't like what do you say?

Say that you are not there friend any more
Just say that you don't like that

If you are at the park and your friend is playing with someone you don't like what would you say?

Tell your friend you won't talk to her if she carrys on playing with that person
Just join in and try and get along

If you want to play something and your friend doesn't what would you do?

Just play on your own
Leave the thing you want to play and play with your friends