Political Party Placement

Political Party Placement

Ever wondered what political party you should register with? Wonder no more!

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The U.S. Constitution set up the Electoral College to elect the president. Currently, most U.S. states employ the "winner-take-all" system for their Electoral College votes. This means that whichever presidential candidate receives the majority of popular votes in that state receive the entirety of that state's Electoral College votes. Several times in U.S. history, a candidate has won the overall popular vote, but has lost the Electoral College vote. What do you think?

The Electoral College was created to protect the smaller states and give them a voice. Because 270 Electoral votes are needed to win the presidency, each state is important to the candidates. Keep the current system; don't mess with it.
We need to get enough states to pass the National Popular Vote bill for it to go into effect. Once states that have 270 of the Electoral votes pass this bill, they will allot their Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate that receives the nationwide majority of the popular vote. This would make each person important and their vote valuable.
Take the number of Electoral College votes a state has and apply them as a percentage proportionate to the popular votes. So, since California has 55 Electoral votes, for each 1/55 of the popular vote a candidate receives in California, that candidate receives 1 of California's Electoral votes.

Health Care Reform: which is most like you?

I support the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. Companies cannot use my premium on CEO and executive bonuses, companies must use at least 80% of my premium to pay toward healthcare costs, must bring any premium raises before an independent panel. Children can stay on their parents' insurance till 26 instead of 18, some plans are providing free preventive services. In general, this health care reform provides for low costs and greater benefits, helping the American middle class.
The current insurance system is not broken. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
The Affordable Care Act doesn't go far enough. We need a government healthcare system like many European countries, to provide free health care for our citizens.
America needs common sense health care reform. We need to open the market for insurance to be sold across state lines. This will lower costs by increasing competition.

Congress passed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 in an attempt to make women and men equal in regards to pay in the workplace. Basically, equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. What do you think?

That isn't the government's job. It's the job of the free market to correct inequalities such as this.
Women and men should receive equal pay for doing the same work with the same degree and such.

Businesses provide jobs and power our market economy. Should they be regulated?

No. The government should only protect against fraud and deceit.
Yes. There needs to be laws protecting workers from harm, and protecting consumers.
Yes. The American public has to be protected from corporate greed and big business.

The current U.S. federal debt stands at $16,209,456,637,742.37. The federal budget has an annual deficit around $1 trillion. How should the U.S. spend its money?

Deficit spending isn't all bad. If it's done right, it will build credit and provide for budget costs that the U.S. federal government doesn't take in through taxes.
We need to focus on paying down the national debt in a balanced way and work on keeping it low.
The national debt needs to be totally paid off as soon as possible.
We should pay off the national debt and pass a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.

When it comes to international trade, which is more beneficial?

Always free trade. In a free trade system, prices of goods are created by supply and demand. Goods and services are traded without tax barriers, quotas, and other harmful things to free trade, allowing all parties involved to have thriving markets.
Always protectionist. Protectionist policies create a system of fairness between the goods of all countries involved, by allowing imported goods that are cheaper than domestic goods to be made equivalent in price by import tariffs and quotas.
Mixture of free trade and protectionist policies, dependent on the situation.

What is your position on LGBT marriage?

We need a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman.
LGBTs should be allowed to have civil unions, but not marriage.
LGBTs should be allowed to marry.

Several states have enacted voter ID laws. How do you feel about this?

Voter ID laws are necessary to help lower voter fraud and election rigging. It is no cost to the individuals, because the law requires that states pay for the voter IDs.
Voter ID laws are costly to the state. They disproportionately target minorities. And there is also very low voter fraud.

What's the best measure to protect the United States and its interests?

A strong military and intelligence program.
Diplomacy, international agreements, and alliances provide the most peaceful means.
Diplomacy first and foremost. If all else fails, keep a strong military. President Teddy Roosevelt said "Walk softly, but carry a big stick."

What is your position on the death penalty?

Against it, because it is cruel.
Against it, because it is not an effective deterrent
For it, because harsh crimes demand harsh punishment
For it, because it is an effective deterrent

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

I am pro-life. Abortion is never acceptable.
I am pro-life. Abortion is only acceptable when the mother is in danger.
I am pro-life. Abortion is only acceptable when the mother is in danger, or forced, or family relations.
I am pro-choice. Abortion should be easy, quick, and available.
I am pro-choice. Abortion should only be available when absolutely necessary.
I am pro-choice. Abortion should be available as a form of birth control.

Ever since September 11, 2001, the United States has been trying to stamp out terrorism. Which best describes you?

I support U.S. combat operations to combat terrorism, the Patriot Act, and Guantanamo Bay.
I support the some combination of the Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, and combat operations, but not all of them.
I oppose the Patriot Act. It endangers our civil liberties by granting the government too much policing power and warrentless wiretapping.
I oppose the Patriot Act, combat operations, and Guantanamo Bay. Terrorists are still human. They deserve fair trails and due process.

Social Security is currently in jeopardy, and on an unsustainable path. What should be done with Social Security?

Work to make it sustainable with the following options: raise retirement age, protect the insurance value, balance revenue increases and benefit changes, protect the principle of generational equity, modernize benefits, strengthen protections for women, achieve fiscal balance for the next 75 years.
Leave it the way it is
Focus on a plan to privatize Social Security. Allow those who are not yet receiving benefits to be able to elect to put their Social Security taxes into some sort of private investment account to develop the income, while those currently on Social Security will maintain benefits till everyone on Social Security passes away.
Privatize Social Security immediately.

The IRS and the American tax system is a mess. What needs to be done?

Clarify the current system. Keep the progressive income tax system, close business loopholes, and end tax cuts to the top 2% of earners in the United States.
Keep the current progressive system of income tax, but simplify it greatly. Condense the tax brackets down to two or three, and lower the overall amount taxed.
Pass the Fair Tax Act. This would abolish the Internal Revenue Service, abolish all current federal taxes, and create a 23% federal sales tax.
Implement Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. This would eliminate all federal taxes, replacing them with a 9% business transactions tax, a 9% personal income tax, and a 9% federal sales tax.

In Texas v. Johnson (1989), the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that made desecrating a U.S. flag into a crime. The 2012 Republican Party platform reads "The symbol of our constitutional unity, to which we all pledge allegiance, is the flag of the United States of America. By whatever legislative method is most feasible, Old Glory should be given legal protection against desecration." Should burning or otherwise harming a flag be a crime?

Yes. The flag is the the very symbol of our freedoms. It has to be respected, or else we lose ourselves.
No. The American flag is the symbol for our freedoms. It is because we are so free that people can express themselves without fear of repercussions.