Are you/would you be over protective Babysitter/mom/dad?

Are you/would you be over protective Babysitter/mom/dad?

Do you want to know if you are a over protective Person.Lets find out :)

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your 12 year old son says hes going to a friends house and that he will be back by 8 O'clock Hes not back at 8 u

Call his friends mom at 8 sharp and say to bring him home
give him till 9- then call his mom and ask where he is

You lose sight of your 8 year old in a pool what do u do

Yell their name over and over
don't bother he/she will find me later
look for him quietly then watch him/her from a far.

You 9 year old daughters school nurse calls to say shes running a 103 temp.What do u do

Tell her to tough up and stay at school
Say you will come get her ASAP
Bring her home and baby her

O' no ,Theres a hair in your sons sandwich what do u do

Pick it out
throw it away
make him eat hair and all

Your 11 year old wants to watch a pg-13 movie U.

Yea Whatever
I'll think about it-What movie