Transformers Prime Arcee

Transformers Prime Arcee

How much do you know about the slick and fast motorbike Arcee. She and Airachnid had some bad time but what about. and what happened between her and Starsrceam

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Why is Arcee and Airachnid enemies?

Why is Arcee and Airachnid enemies?
Airachnid killed Arcee 1st Partner
Arcee and Airachnid are long lost sisters

What was the name of Arcee 1st partner


What happened to Arcee went Starscream Said "I want to be on your side"?

Arcee kill him
Arcee left him alone in the forest for Airachnid
Star scream Cut Her

What does Arcee transformer into

A Jet
A Car
A Motorbike

What happened to Airachnid in Armada

She went into staces
She was kill by Megatron
Arcee killed her