what r u??? scene,emo,punk,goth,prep,etc

what r u??? scene,emo,punk,goth,prep,etc

take this quiz to find out waht type of labbel others around u give u and find out about the real u ;3

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how many friends do u have?

i dont know... its hard to count.
alot... like maybe all in my click
not that many... kidding alot more then the next kid.
rather not answer

what do u do in ur free time?

hang with my friends and just... act crazy
idk... manly listen to my family bicker or even try contacting my friends to get my mind of it.
write poetry... and listen to music

fav band?

blood on the dance floor duh
asking alexandria,blink182,etc
merlin manson

where do u like hanging out?

skate park
skating rink