The Love Quiz

The Love Quiz

Girls Take this Find out how in Love u are If You get knots in your stomach when u go to bed at Night And here call me Maybe or anylove song on the radio dose your heart melt

published on October 17, 201251 responses 6
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How In Love are you

Your So In Love You get Knots In your Stomach
And the song call me maybe makes you wish u
had his number
He Adores You So Much He Brings You Flowers Takes you to Lunch And Calls You to check on you

Bad Day

He Can Turn your Day Around
He Tells You Your Awesome
Your The Best #1 Fan
He Loves You More then anything and you mean the world

Song for your relationship

Call me Maybe
8 Days a week
Einie meine
All the above

How Can you tell He really Loves you

He winks at you and tells u your beautiful and says every touch down goes to you
He gets defensive when other dudes pick on you

why are u Lucky And In Love

You Have the Man of your dreams and He Loves You and thinks your the best thing ever
You are his everything