what is your personality?

what is your personality?

Are you what kind of person you think u are?Can you have fun or are you 2 boring....

published on October 11, 201256 responses 8
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What is your favorite color? I know a common question!

ZEBRA all the way baby
gay rainbow
blue or green
shut up!

what is your favorite thing to do?

collecting things such as buttons cars or even baby bottles
making jokes or reading them
studying or reading

do you like justin bieber?

as a singer yes look wise ehhh... no
shoot him dead !!!
im gonna be future mrs.bieber
can we talk about some LMAFO yeah :)
could care less

DO you like cheese ?

DOES it count if you cut it (you know what i mean!)
Well if its on somthing like a pickle YES
Does pizza count?
I like CHICKEN!!!!

IS this quiz as stupid as you thought it would be ?

i just randomly clicked answers to get a differnt personality.
I Thought it would be more logical
YES its like major retarded
lot of spelling mistakes.