who is your celeberty look-a-like

this quiz is to see which celeberty do u look like the most

published on November 09, 2010141 responses 22 4.4★ / 5

what color hair do u have

black or any other color that is not on here

wht do u do for freetime

talk on the phone all day
hang out with my friends
just chill at home

wht do u do with your bestfriend sometimes

go out and have smoothies
we just chill and watch a movie or something
she comes over and we just hang out

would u like to wear uniforms at ur skool

no wayy
it depends if the uniform looks good or not
yes i love uniforms there amazing

do u wanna be a model

nooo,i dont like the public
yess everyone looks at u as u walk the runway
maybe maybe not if theres a huge crowd maybe not