What kind of zombie player are you?

What kind of zombie player are you?

Do you want to find out what type of zombie player you are, Solo or online, noob or pro. Find out! These questions are based on the map kino ( only the questions about wallbuy ect).

published on October 06, 201562 responses 2 4.0★ / 5

Revive the other player?

If I get the zombies in a train and get them as far away so yeah.
No matter what, i dont care if i die, we are a team!
No, their fault they downed!

Open the door?

If they open one i open.
I can open all of them, if i get enogh points
I can open all of them, no problem getting points
Nooo. I was early jugg ill survive untill they have to open

First perk you get

Quick revive for my men!
Dont get far enough to get perks

Thx for taking my quiz, sorry for not implementing any images, did you enjoy?

Awwww heellll no!
Ill answer after i see what you say i am!

Favorite weapon?

Bowie knife
Awful lawton (upgraded crossbow)
Ray gun
Thunder gun

Buy the wallbuy in the first room?

Yes! Of course, olympia is the best!
Yes, got to survive long.
Nahh, i can stab untill we get to the mp 40.

Solo or online?

Have to play online, dont want to open the doors myself
Dont care, the same

Favorite characters of the ones named down below?

What is it characters?

Rage quit if you are whit a noob

Yes! They die all the time.
No. That will destroy the game, i just revive them.
Thats my pepole, i wont rage

Reach for hig rounds?

Is 13 hig?
If the ones i dont play whit suck
Yeah, thats the only part of playing zombies besides challenges

Why do you play?

To make the others game best as possible
Get thise kills and poins!
Its fun

What do you think you are?

Better than everyone else
A medic
Pro, that mean kind and a player you would play whit!