What kind of Qfeaster are you?

What kind of Qfeaster are you?

Yes! I'm finally making it! what kind of Qfeaster are you? Are you the roleplay type, the quiz maker type or...hmm... enough spoiling let's see!

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Hello! so this will be easy. You just answer the questions as honestly as possible for best results! Have fun, and enjoy~
First question is up. Which color do you prefer?

Pretty much every single kind of color
The normal colours
Deep violets and purples. Sometimes blues
Black white gray
Bright, happy colours

Do you like making things? (like quizzes, pages, polls, stuff like that)

YES! Their the main part of my account. Its so fun making them!
I prefer taking them instead

Do you like talking to people on here?

I love making friends with people on here :3
Eh, sometimes. Sometimes I make enemies instead
I keep to myself

Have you blocked anybody?

No/not yet
I have, but I usually unblock them. Don't want any drama.
Only the assholes who deserved it

How do you feel about ships?

I sometimes ship them
I LOVE THEM!!! I love shipping people!
I like shipping them.

Do you like drama?

Yes! it makes everything more interesting
I'm not sure.. as long as there's nothing mean
Not my thing.

Pick what best describes your Qfeast rituals

I make quizzes and polls often, and chat with friends
I stay on for a bit, and take a few quizzes
I talk with friends and connect with people
I make my enemies wish they were never born
I check out the newsfeed and see what people are up to lately

Are you in a fandom?

eh/some/very little/no

Do you keep up with newsfeed?

I never check it

Would you say you are a creative person?


Do you have many followers?

Yup! but mostly cause of what I make
Yes, Because of how I act towards other people (acts nice)
Eh, I don't really care. I just care about the juicy juicy drama~
Not really. I don't make much :3
I don't care.