Where will you live in future?

This quiz is kinda strange. Because I am the first time to create the quiz. However, enjoy it and have fun.😉

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If you are in the house in a village, what do you do when you are free?

Work on the fields
Eat plenty of fruit
Play outside
Sit alone...
Idk, this is exactly boring

You are a prince/princess in the palace.Your mom asks you to take care of your siblings. Would you promise mom?

OF COURSE!!! I love them!!!
No! I am busy right now
Let me think for ten minutes... I may something need to do

What do you think if you need to pee in the public toilets?

No!!! They are so dirty!
Disgusting but better than pee in panties
Yea, i think they are better than pee in forests
I don't know how to describe that

Why do you play mobile phones in the toilets? (For crazy people, so plz answer carefully!!)

The game is downloading, please don't disturb me!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so boring, please
Me: Eh...
I don't play video games at all! (In the WHOLE LIFE)
I don't play video games in toilets because that will become a bad habit.
Sometimes I play them...

If you must not run on the corridor in the palace. How do you feel?

That makes sense. If this rule doesn't exist, the accident comes.
It is ok but I really want to run.
Nah... It is a bit bad
Whatever, rules are rules, freedom is freedom...

You are thinking of a plan which can let the village developed...
Situation: Each house has only a toilet, but if other people want to go to the toilet, they need to go far away.
What do you think they can do?

Of course add more toilets at homes!
Pee on ground because of convenient.
Idk, because this situation is not make sense.
Design portable toilets that they can put everywhere and others can go.
Idc, this problem never solved.

Imagine you are in the palace. If the doorbell rings, before you open the door, who do you think will be here?

MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abandoned people
Bad people (thieves, murder etc.)

When you see poor people in the street, what would you do?

Give money to him
Give food to him
Walk past by and go away...
Pretend to not see him
I have never seen poor people in the streets, even everywhere!

It's only a simple question,
Which type of clothes do you like?

Gowns!! / Prince uniforms!!
Wear like villagers
Casual clothes
I just wear what mom give me to wear

Thank u and I hope you enjoy this one. Cya!!!🤗

What! That's all!
See you soon!
What the f**k! I'll suck your blood!!