What Digimon Fusion Character Are You?

What Digimon Fusion Character Are You?

Are you a Digimon? Or a human? Find out in this quiz to see who you're most like!

published on February 21, 201646 responses 2
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What do you do in your spare time?

Help other people.
Hang out with friends.
Challenge your rival.
Be a jerk.
Spy on others.
Protect the world.
Be friendly to everyone.
Act stubborn all the time.

What is your personality like?

Kind (acts independently)
Crybaby (Not literally)
Why should I answer this question? it's a waste of time! (Jerk)
REALLY independent
Whatever... (Doesn't care about anything)

Would you save your friends if they were in danger?

Yes, of course!
Sure... As long as I'm not the one who needs saving!
If i don't get hurt...
No, I'm not getting involved in their situations!
Maybe... if they join my team in return...
It's my duty to help others! I won't let ANYONE down!
Well... if they're nice people, then ok!

What do you like more? Heroes, Anti - heroes or Leaders?

Definitely heroes!
Heroes, if they don't keep ignoring my requests
I'm ok with heroes, but anti - heroes are cool as well
Anti - hero all the way, no one is a full pacifist!
I'd chose either of them, no one is perfect, but not everyone can trust others...
Heroes and the Leaders! If the Leader IS the hero, that is the best thing EVER!
Leaders are ok, Heroes are ok, anti - heroes... nope
As ong as no one bosses me around, it's fine either way

What element do your friends say you have?

Heart (Love)
Strength (Physical)
Strength (Social)
Laid - back and caring

Favourite colour?

Red and Yellow
Pink and White
Green and Brown
Blue and Grey
Black and Purple
Red and Grey
Red and Blue
Orange and White