Does She like you too?

This is a quiz for boys. Now guys this quiz is not always gonna give you the result you want It also wont be correct all the time. But i can tell you this and that is this quiz is the best out there.

published on August 04, 201465 responses 7
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How often do you guys talk?

3 or more times a day.
1 to 2 times a day.
Once a day.
Never she doesnt talk to me.

How close are you guys?

Very close we talk about personal stuff alot.
Close, we get personal occasionally.
Not very close were just friends.
Not close because were not even friends.

Does she compliment you?

ehh occasionally.
No she doesnt do that.

When you talk to her do you guys ever have dead end conversations?

Nope! never we both seem to keep it going every time.
Yess! :( its happens more then it should.

At school do you guys ever talk or hangout? (lunch, passing time etc)

Yes we talk and hangout! :)
Yea but just talk when we can.
Sorta only when she doesn't have anyone else to talk to or hangout with.
Nope! we never talk or hangout at school. :(

When you talk to her how does she react?

she seems like she loves talking to me we often get into good topics alot!
She seems alright with it.
She doesnt seem to be enjoying it we dont talk with enthusiasm...

Has she ever flirted with you?

Yes! she does it all the time we both do it ;)
No...she just talks to me thats all.

How long have you guys known each other?

5 years or more.
3 years.
1 to 2 years.
less then a year.

Has she ever stared or glanced at you as you guys walk past each other?

Yes shes stared at me before!
Yes we just glance at each other each time tho we smile when we do that too!
yea she has stared and glanced at me but she looks like a zombie when she does it tho...
No! :(

Does she ever blush when you guys talk?

Yes! every time! its almost a never ending thing when she talks to me!
Yea occasionally only when i say something to make her blush.
No i think she tries not too :(

Whats the best thing about her?

Everything she hott!
Her personality:)
Her eyes:)

Do you guys have alot in common?

Oh heck ya we are so identical it aint even funny!
Yea but its just a little bit...not alot.
No we have nothing really in common:(

Do her friends think she likes you?

Considering i dont know her friends i dont know if they do think that.
I honestly wouldnt know anyways they are closer to her then they are with me.
They dont know either.
No they told me she doesnt :'(

Do your friends think she likes you?

Yea they believe she does!
They thought so before but not sure anymore.
They wouldnt know they dont even know her.
No they think she wouldnt.

If she needs someone to talk to does she come to you? (even if its personal)

YEP im her number 1 choice. she's told me that straight up.
Yea she does but only if she has no other alternatives.
No she has never have with...

Finally do YOU think she likes you?

Yes but she tries to hide it.
I think so but i cant tell for sure.
Noo shes told me were just friends.