are you nice? (1)

are you nice? (1)

Trust me not alot of people think they are nice. Some people know they are nice. Well here is a test for you. ARE YOU NICE OR ARE YOU MEAN ?.

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Do you think you are just a bit of mean?


this boy/girl walks up to you and says hi ( and the girl /boy has glasses) what do you do?

You say *ewww get away from me you nerd do not touch me or else !
You anwser and say hello back and comment om her/his glasses.

if a friend or someone else says you not cool or weird what do you do ?....

You get all up in there face and call them harm full mean words that they called you in the past .
You smile and just walk away like she or he did not say anything.

Do you think you are nice?

not really

what if you all your friends came up to you and ripped all your clothes off and through you in a lake .( your at a camp)

You see the nearest cabin and go hide in it .
you take your friends clothes and say (hahahah hahaha)