How long will your friend group last? (1)

Some groups last for a lifetime. Some just a couple days. What is yours?

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How often do all you hang out?

Like, every minute
A lot
Every day, at school
Well, I have some classes with a couple of em'

Do you have a name for your group?

Yessss of course!
We used to, but we don't use it anymore
We thought about it, but no.
We are too busy for that
Never bothered. Too much.

Do you guys have nicknames???

Of coooourse!
Why not
A couple of us
One of us.
They are insulting.....
Yes, but they are hurtful
NO WAY. Only mean ones. And those are rare too.

Where do you guys hang out, usually?

IDK, we just hang out wherever.
Home. Weekends. Breaks. Etc.
Our hanging out is just too rare....
We don't hang out.

How many inside jokes?

I can't even keep track!
A good amount
A couple
One, that we use a lot.
Ha. Ha ha ha. Noooooo!

Why are you guys friends?

Cuz we like each other, duh
We are all so cool! We rock!
Why aren't we?
Cuz why not!
We all ended up partners in class
They are all so clingy
Street cred :p

How long have you been friends?

Not too long, but we are tight already
A lil while. Its cool
A couple years
A few years
Not long. Its like a little blip.
A few years, we always hated each other...