Would I date you? (guys only) (4)

Would I date you? (guys only) (4)

This is a quiz that I made because I was EXTREMELY bored, but it tests you to see if I would ever date you, Enjoy ;)

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What would you do if I slapped you because you made me mad some how?

Slap you back (WOOW OMG)
Grab your hand and pin you to wall O_o
Say that your sorry for angering you
Laugh and say sorry
Just stare

Describe your self in one word

Good listener

How would you feel if you saw someone else flirting with me? (smug look)

Beat that guys ass
Ask what happened before jumping to conclusions
Ignore you
Roughly kiss you to mark that your mine ( WHOO possessive much)
Think before acting on anyting

Some guy jumps out at me in the middle of the night while your walking me home, what do you do?

Beat up the guy for touching you then apologies to you for the violence
Watch and ask if you can join in
Help you and leave the guy
I must say your virginity! oh and you...
Watch and walk away

What are your caring levels from 1-10?


Which are you?

The idiot who had to look
The smart one who goes in the driving car (*while taking girlfriend)
The murderer
The person who saves his freakin GF
The... creepy flirter

on a scale of 1-10 how random/weird are you?

10 bazillion

Do you curse a lot?

Maybe once ever in my life
Very rarely
Only if I am in "Action" (Me: I really hate you)

What are your thoughts on Goats

They are sooo EPIC
I eat goat for breakfast
Are they as cute as you (Me: really)
They are yummy
I have goats...

One left

FINALLY get outta my face
AWW then I cant see you anymore
Ok *Sniff sniff*

What do you look for in a GIRL?

Curvy, sexy, good in special places, like me
Sweet, smart, loyal, a little insecure so I can care for her
Smart, popular, kind
Popular, kind, dumb?
sexy, bully, curvy, popular