Which "A Dead Kind of Life" (ADKoL) Character are You?

Which "A Dead Kind of Life" (ADKoL) Character are You?

Find out which character is most like YOU in the new zombie novel by Audrey E L Coots: A Dead Kind of Life. Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

published on May 31, 20152 responses 0
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What might you be doing on a random Tuesday evening?

Driving home from the grocery store with my wife, listening to music and talking.
Watching Netflix or organizing my extensive book collection.
Fixing something, making something, or cleaning my gun.
Doing homework, working, studying, reading, or researching.
Getting a pedicure! Maybe getting drinks with my friends or trying on cute bikinis at the mall.
Burning my mac-n-cheese and ordering out. Again. Trying to decide how much longer I can put off doing laundry.

You help others by:

Giving them thoughtful gifts or cards that let them know I'm thinking of them in their difficult time.
Showing up. Plain and simple. If they need help, you're there, no matter what the situation.
Researching their problem and offering well educated advice. Looking for alternate routes to get through the
Keeping your tools handy, and/or offering a beer and a silent-but-steady ear to listen.
Cooking for them, or showing up with groceries, or showing up to clean the house.
By getting them to help themselves, and quietly, sometimes without them knowing, guiding them toward the right
decision. But if they really need something, it might just show up on their doorstep, and you wouldn't know
anything about that, would you?

You're stuck in traffic. Possibly for hours. How do you fare?

Great- I've got a book, a blanket, some tylenol, a full tank of gas, some snacks in the glove box and plenty of
water. Where do I pee?
What? No. I'll call someone with a motorcycle to come and get me. My cell phone is going to die and I don't want
to be here all night. Just no. Not happening.
Alright, I guess. It happens. I'll probably end up chatting with the people in the truck behind me. They seem like
nice people. It is what it is.
I'm really, REALLY stressed out right now. I have a ton to do. I'll have to lose sleep in order to finish my work- you
know what? I better just try to sleep now. What else can I do?
I'm almost out of gas and my car is a clunker with no AC but at least I've got a half eaten bag of chips in the
passenger seat. Could be worse. I'll listen to the radio for awhile, I guess.
Fine. I've got a gun in the glove box if anyone tries anything funny. I'm not worried about food or water. I'll eat
when I get home.

How do you dress?

In comfortable, professional or appropriate clothing. I don't really show cleavage, but my clothes fit nicely.
In jeans and a polo or jeans and a button up shirt. Basic t-shirts are good, too.
My shoes are sturdy. Cargo pants and plain, basic black or white t-shirts; nothing fancy or showy.
Old jeans and t shirts. Flanel shirts if it's cool enough out for them. So what if the jeans have holes in them?
I love to shop. My fashion sense changes all the time, but i can tell you the name brand of everything I'm wearing
right now. It's fitted and shows off my figure.
I wear whatever's comfortable for me. I'm not too concerned about what others think about it.

Are you social?

I have a few close friends/family members who stop in occasionally, but I don't really go out much.
I mean, I don't AVOID being social. If people ask me to hang out, I usually do, if I don't have anything else going
YES. Just yes.
I stop in and check on the people i care about. Sometimes the guys come over to watch the game and grill out.
I love having little get togethers with people I can have open minded conversations with.

What's your house like?

It's a townhouse with a little more room than I need, but I utilize that space as a home office/storage/crafts space.
It's an apartment. I live alone and it's not really decorated but I'll get around to that eventually, I guess.
It's covered in books. It's clean and sturdy, but books. There are books everywhere.
It's big and well furnished, and someone else cleans it for me. It's got great views.
It's alright, I guess. American dream and all. Got a little backyard, a little garage where i can work. It's enough for
me and mine.
It's sort of a fortress. I have a lot of escape routes mapped out in my mind, but my home is well stocked so that I
can stay put, too.

Do you have a security system?

No... Is that something you think I need?
No. Maybe I should get one though. I'll think about it.
Nah, this is a safe neighborhood and I know all of my neighbors. Besides, I know how to protect mine.
Yes. Cameras, alarms, everything. My home is secure. And if someone somehow manages to get past that, I've got
a gun strapped under my nightstand.
No. I keep a wooden stick propped up against the door so I'll hear it if someone tries to get in, though. Why spend
all of that money on an actual alarm when this basically does the same thing?
Yes. it's practical.

What do you drive?

A clunker. But it's mine. I don't owe anything on it.
An older truck. It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.
A Miata or a convertible. A mercedes, an aldi, or something like that.
A Jetta. It gets great fuel mileage. Or a smart car.
A nondescript truck, but I also have a motorcycle at home.
I have two vehicles, both of which I love, and I'm still making payments on at least one of them.

What kind of things do you like to read?

I like informative things like manuals, and I combine them with Youtube videos to learn as much as I can about
I like to read about anything educational and/or scientific, but I also like to read fiction.
I like to read sic-fi and/or horror and fiction.
I love romance novels and other fiction, but I also like to read non-fiction books by celebrities.
I like interesting biographies every now and then, but I don't really read a lot.
I read everything I can get my hands on.

Are you creative?

No, I'm functional. The things I do serve a specific purpose.
Of course! I love Hobby Lobby!
I could be if I wanted to be, but I don't really want to be at the moment.
No, but my spouse is, and I'm proud of that.
Not really, but I appreciate good artwork.