Personality quiz (20)

Do this test to know more about your personality and your psycological mind

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Which colours between the following do you prefere?

Green and blue
Orange and yellow
White and light

If you were an animal, which animal are you?


If you have a test, what do you usually do?

You have already
study, so you are
quote relaxed
You go forza run to
be less anxious
You think how you
can copy the
informations that
you don't know

When you are with friends what do you like doing?

Have a big party
Stay at home
watching TV series
on Netflix
Go for a long walk

You have a test tomorrow and it's a wonderful day. How do you prefere going for study?

You facetime your
Alone in my room
In the park After
the training

The holiday that you dream is

Las vegas

Your favourite subject at school is

P.E. and break

Which type of summer party do you like the most?

Swimming party
I don't like this
types of party
The only thing that
I care is that there
is a party!

choose a type of meal between the following

An healthy apple
and a lot of pasta
A big Christmas
meal with relatives
Pizza and beer with

In a typical american High school, Who are you?

The organizer of
the school dancing
The cheerleder or
the captain of the
football team