You are simply a wisp of grey, thick mist swirling in a neverending funnel, your soul glowing gently in the thickness of your personality. What are you meant to be? This is your Becoming.

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You realize you are hovering over a small pond. You see five creatures standing on the bank.

Go to the Ox.
Go to the Boar.
Go to the Crane.
Go to the Wolf.
Go to the Lynx.

The animal you chose grants you, a grey wisp, a color. What color did it grant you?


You have been abandoned, left alone in your foreign surroundings. What direction do you go?.

Up into the sky.
Down into the earth.

You finish exploring, and aren't sure what to do next. A choice is once again presented. What do you choose?

Rest on the warm riverbank.
Search for others like you.
Continue forwards.
Wait. Watch.

After a while, your curiosity and fear present themselves. Where are you? Who are you? What is your purpose?

Try and ask others.
Backtrack and look for clues where you
Look around the forest for an answer.
It's too much work, wait and see what
Follow groups of animals and see where it
leads you.

While pondering about, you seemed to have encountered an angry being. Its teeth are bared and it seems tense, glaring at you with eyes full of an emotion you are unable to recognize. What actions will you take?

Ignore the angry creature. It can't hurt you,
you are simply but a cloud of smoke.
Try and seem friendly, you honestly mean no
harm and understand if something would
be afraid of you.
Become scared yourself. You know that the
animal can't hurt you, but that does not
hide the irrational primitive fear of being
Make yourself seem hostile back. You don't
want to be pushed around by anything, or
seem weak.

You eventually come across a cave. When you enter, you find a mysterious shrine-like carving in the wall bearing seven different ornamental colored stones resting in small insets in the cave wall You feel a need to take one, though you aren't even sure if you are able to hold it. What color do you select?


When you pick up the stone, the color embeds into your whisp into a swirl of two colors. You feel more whole, like you understand. You know what to do.

Head to the sound of the roaring waters.
Go toward the heavens.
Go deeper into the cave, down into the earth.

The end of your becoming is near. You approach a light, blinding and enveloping your senses. You become blind to your surroundings, you can feel yourself changing. What are you hoping to become?

African Wild Dog
Shoe-billed Stork