Your future job :)

Your future job :)

Take this quiz to find out what your future job MIGHT be or what would be good for you!

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What sounds more interesting to you?

Writing a book/ reading a book!
Practicing for sports day!
Drawing or painting!
Playing with my younger sibling or younger friend!
Take care of my pet!

You see someone getting bullied for having bad ideas and being bad at PE.

Face it, they are bad at PE!
Go over and help the kid, then tell the teacher.
Help the kid, I think they have great ideas and could do well in life!

There is a new kid at your school who is sitting alone. You:

Sit with them and start to talk!
Stay away! They could be mean...
Go over and ask if they want to play 'IT' or Football with you!
Ask your friends if you guys could sit with them!

What do you wanna be when your older?

Idk, something creative when I can share my ideas!
A teacher! I like to teach people new things!
Well I was thinking of raising a family but maybe some job where I can take care of kids?
I want to be in a job where I can care for people and especially animals!
Something like a Gymnast or Footballer or Athlete **Sports..*