Would you survive a war?

Would you survive a war?

This is a fascinating quiz that intends to reveal if you will survive a war. Enjoy!

published on January 16, 201584 responses 26
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your family is sleeping safely in your house when soldiers burst through and attack

save my family even though death is an option
save only the people that are in the same room as me
flee i don't care about them i'm out of here!

your sister you don't really like is kidnaped and you found where

save her i can forgive her
try to save her but not forgive her.
leave her she is my worst enemy!

you are watching tv and it is the only time it is performing when it starts a scream comes from your nabbers house to see your nabbers being attacked

go help them it is just one show
i'll save them at half time
they can save them selves this is my favorite someone else will save her

you are down on the ground with a sword pointed at you your sword is to the side but if you move your died but his armor is supper shiny and there is a broken mirror close to you.

shone the glass at him before he can kill me then grab the sword and kill him
shine the glass and stand up but grab your sword try to talk with him if he dose not want to be good you are all ready for a new fight
stay there to die i don't want to be in this stupid world

you your self has won the war and everyone went from hating you to loving you

i take in the glory
i live my life and ignore it all
i take it in for a month then i will see what i have left and use it