Which English Premier League team should you support?

Which English Premier League team should you support?

10 possible outcomes.I just picked half the teams because 20 would take forever so i apologise if the team you want isnt there.

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Minimum expectations for the season?

Top 4 finish & a good run in the champions league
Avoid relegation,win the double against our most hated rivals
Win the league,every game and every competition
Top 4 if we're lucky & a good FA cup run
Definitely top 4, anything less is not good enough
In the past id settle for nothing more than winning the league,but if we can at least get in the top 4..
Finally hit a champions league position!
Comfortable mid table position above our most hated rivals
Avoid relegation and DESTROY our rivals
Aim to win the league at least

When your team steps onto the field against your biggest rivals what are you thinking/doing?

Getting ready for another victory >:)
Thinking you'd settle for a draw
Singing the name of my team LOUDLY,over & over.
We mightnt finish above them in the league but we can beat them in this game!
Singing your clubs anthem
If we're not 3-0 up by half time im going home.
Hoping that todays the day we finally beat the scum!
Probably sitting there in no jacket, no matter what the weather screaming for your team
Trying to sing/shout louder than the other fans
Convincing yourself that you ARE the best team in the city

How successful are your team?

we're usually in the top 4 but have struggled for trophies lately
we're usually about mid-table,never in danger of relegation but never contenders for the title either
at the top! we're the best!
we are usually in the top half
we do well up until the end when we usually slip up
we used to win lots of trophies.we need to get back into that!
we spend loads of money on players who arent worth it...but i know we can do better!
we are either really good...or really rubbish..we always finish higher than our most hated rivals though :D
we are a yoyo team,always at risk of being relegated...sigh
we used to be a joke team...look whos laughing now! :D

choose a mascot:

lion with a midlands accent
lion with a southern accent
bird with a scouse accent

Best Motto?

Victory comes through harmony
Unless God be with us, all will be in vain
Nothing but the best
God has bestowed these blessings on us
Youth, Courage, Greatness
To dare is to do
Triumphing by brave defense
In pursuit of excellence
Pride in battle

describe your ideal stadium:

HUGE and brand new!
small and homely
modern in a really classy area
it has an interesting history
famous worldwide,massive!
small but with an electric atmosphere
intimidating to our rivals >;)
modern and in a cool riverside location
overpriced haha

When choosing a team what do you look for?

whichever team everyone else supports
the team that never does amazing but always finishes in a stable league position
whichever team is winning
the team with a old fashioned stadium
the team with a great song
the team with the most famous stadium
the team of underachievers with lots of potential
the team with the most passionate fans
the team that doesnt do so good but occasionally surprises you with a awesome win against a bigger club
the team that wasnt very good in the past but is now on the rise

Best Player?

Mesut Ozil
Christian Benteke
Eden Hazard
Tim Howard
Mario Balatelli
Wayne Rooney
Erik Lamela
Fabricio Collocini
Vito Mannone
Jesus Navas

Best celebrity fan?

tom cruise
prince william
richard attenborough
sylvester stallone
dr dre
usain bolt
jude law
Ant & Dec
steve cram (athlete)
noel gallagher

Which NFL team of these has the best kit?

San Francisco 49ers
Washington Redskins
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
St Louis Rams
Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers

which team of the following do you/would you support?

New England Patriots
New York Mets
San Francisco 49ers
Oakland A’s
Dallas Cowboys
New York Yankees
Chicago Cubs
Oakland Raiders
Toronto Maple Leafs
Los Angeles Dodgers

would you ever change teams if your team started to do REALLY bad?

no,i love my little team :)
id change to whichever team was doing the best
no,i stay loyal to my roots
no,id have faith that the glory days would return
id just yell abuse at every manager until we found one decent enough to get us back up there
no,im used to heartache anyway
Id moan about my team but id NEVER change to another team

best sponsor on your shirt?

fly emirates
chang beer
standard chartered