Will U be famous?

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You can't leave without...

MAKE UP! I need it sooo much!
I don't know. Maybe money when I shop.
Nothing too expensive.

Is you room tidy?

I have so much stuff but I pull it together!
A bit of a mess to be exact.
Y should I tell U?

HELLO! I love Ur clothes!

I know you do! XD
Really? Thanks!

Are U a fan of rockstars?

Kind of...
Not THAT much...

What is your moto?

From a rock to a rockSTAR!
I don't have a moto.


To me?
Sweet cupcake?
What do U mean?

Do you keep on track when a teacher tells U something?

I can't!
I won't tell!

What do you think you'll get?

Not famous.
I dunno.