LPS popular personality quiz

This quiz can tell you if your the lps popular characters by sophiegvt

published on April 02, 20157 responses 7 5.0★ / 5

If a guy or girl you like talks to your worse enemy and turns out to together what would you do to him or her to like you

Tell my enemy to back off and make her or him break up with them
Talk and interact more with him or her
Tell your crush that they are cheating on them

If you got called fat or ugly or any kind of insult what would you do

Tell a worse insult back and then later spread a rumor
Ask what them what their problem is
Ignore it and walk away
Tell a worse insult back

If your enemy spread a rumor about you what would you do

Ignore it
Try to keep your cool and show them who is best
Tell a worse rumor

If you were to get a make over what court would dye if

Um a ginger color
Nah I really dont want to so next question

what would you do if your enemy kissed your boyfriend or girlfriend

Nothing go home and cry and think about what a jerk my gf or bf is
Try and find my friends and cry
I would kiss there bf or gf
Ask them why they cheated

What would be the last thing you would do

Be nice lol you know who this is
Hurt someone on pure purpose

What would you be at party this is pretty easy

Snow skater
Lololol random