Which Hunger Games character are you? (6)

Which Hunger Games character are you? (6)

Who are you? Are you Katniss, or Peeta? Gale, or Effie? This is the quiz where you find out!

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What type of arena do you prefer?

Woods, a lake maybe, different species of wildlife
A shopping mall!
Anything with a challenge

What weapon do you prefer?

Bow and arrows
Good heavens? You expect me to fight?

You're in the arena. It's 30 seconds to the bloodbath. Your strategy is-

to run out of there as fast as I can!
to run to the Cornucopia, grab a weapon and supplies, then get out of there before anyone moves
to run and get anything closest to you, then grab a weapon and a backpack, then run to safety

You are in the arena, in the woods. You hear someone follow you. You–

run away as fast as I can!
climb a tree way up to where insane people climb
melt away into the woods
turn and fight!

What is your favorite colour?

Pink! No, blue! No...UGH!
Orange, like the sunset.
I don't have one

How big is your family?

Pretty big
Very small
I don't have one...

How close is your family?

Very close
Not very close
Not close at all
I don't have a family