Are You Beautiful on the Inside, Outside or Both?

Are You Beautiful on the Inside, Outside or Both?

Are you beautiful on the inside, the outside or both?? Find out with this helpful quiz!!

published on July 04, 201485 responses 20
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What do you like wearing?

A short tank top and some skinny jeans!
A showy dress!
Casual clothes; some jeans, a t-shirt, whatever.

What color is your favorite? (Don't hurt me!!)

Light colors (eg. pale pink, blue, green, etc.)
Black, red, retro colors!
I like all colors!

Your bf/gf needs help with a yard sale, but you are going to the movies with your friends at the time it's scheduled. You...?

Go to the movies but bring something back for him/her
Don't go and help him/her, maybe you can convince your friends to help out too
Go anyway - you want to help them, but not THAT badly.

You are having a party and your neighbors complain to you telling you to keep it down. You...?

Turn the noise down completely, even if other people complain
Turn it down, but not too much
Don't do anything - it's his problem!

What is your favorite hair style?

Out or curled with a curling iron
Ponytail with fringe
Tight braid

What do you focus on most?

My appearance
My attitude towards others
Both of those!