Witch Type

Ever wondered what type of witch you could be? What type of magic you posses? Well look no further this Quiz is the right one for you! :D

published on June 30, 201515 responses 0
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You just found out that you have a test! And obviously you haven't studied for it! What do you do?

Write very discreet answers, that way the teacher can't tell that you haven't studied!
Try to memorize as many things as you can before the test. You can do this!
Leave. You're going to fail anyway!
Just go in there and hope for the best.
Try to make sense out of the questions. You're bound to conjure up an answer that isn't all that bad!
Ask your friends for help! Maybe they can teach you something before the test!

What are some things that you shouldn't say at a funeral?

Hail Hitler!
Well good riddance!
What type of question is this? what?
He was an animal anyway.
Who died here?
A cheesy Eulogy.

What is most important in life?

The Understanding of one another.
There can't be only one thing.
Plant life.

What type of movies to you enjoy wanting the most?

Movies that teach something are the ones for me.
Horror! I just love the thrill of them!
Detective movies, something mysterious! Movies that just keep you guessing and you never know whats going to happen next!
As long as there is no animal cruelty I'm fine with anything. The deaths of animals tend to make me cry more than the deaths of loved characters.
I prefer psychological movies. The ones that really make you think about life.
If a movies has beautiful scenery, its the one for me!
As long as a movie has a good story and plot I'm down with it.

You find out your friends is doing drugs. What do you do?

Help them. Talk them out of it, try to convince them why taking drugs is a bad idea and why they should seek help.
Leave them be. It's their life no?
Tell the parents. They could help their child.
Don't tell anyone. Help them keep it a secret. Who knows what their parents would do if they found out!
Tell someone who is a professional in that field.
Educate them. Teach them why drugs are bad for you and what the consequences are!
Confront the friend. Ask why they're taking drugs.

What is your Idea of a good time?

Observing people, reading about other peoples lives.
Taking your Pets out for a walk, or just spending time with your pet in general.
Going for a walk in the park.
Finding out new things! Reading research books!
Going out with friends, or partying in general.
Listening to music.
Staying at home watching TV.

You're home alone. Suddenly you hear something! You suspect someone has broken in. What do you do?

Hide. Throw something at the other side of the room to trick the intruder. Wait for the right time, and then escape!
Don't do anything rash. Think of the best escape route.
Look for your phone! The intruder might have closed off the entrance! You must call for help!
Wait. Be calm. Listen for any sign that the intruder might be on you. Who knows? You might just be paranoid!
Freeze up. Panic! WHAT WOULD SUPER MAN DO?!
Fight! Grab a pan and walk in the direction of the sound.
Grab your pet and run as quickly as you can out of the house.

If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be?

Secret Agent
They all sound interesting!
Do I really have to choose from these? What if I want to be something else!

The person you like asks you out on a date, you are ecstatic! But whoops, turns out on the same day you have to celebrate your great grandmothers 90th Birthday! What do you do?

Postpone the date? Why is this even a question?
Call up the date, tell them you can't make it and go to your Great grandmother's party.
Lie to your parents. Go on the date. I'll just celebrate my great grandmothers 90th birthday some other time!
Try to reach a compromise, bring your date to the birthday!
Apologize for any inconveniences.
Panic! They're the person you like! You freeze up in front of them! How could you explain the situation?
Stay at home and just don't go to any one of them.

One of your friends has been lying to you all this time. Thoughts?

No thoughts. Confront. Ask why.
Friends are supposed to be honest with each other. If they lied to me then they aren't really my friend.
There must be a reason for their lies. Something bothering them?
Never talk to the person again. Avoid them. Think nothing of it, they lied and shouldn't have in the first place.
Think nothing of it. Everyone lies, whats the big deal?
The lie could be hiding something. Something personal perhaps? If they want me to know the reason they tell me. No reason to add another problem to their list of troubles.
What you do depends. Is it a big lie or a small light lie?

Your friends ask you if you're in a relationship. You aren't. What do you do?

Avoid the question. Ask if they're in a relationship.
Lie, be discreet. The little they know the better for you.
Tell them the truth. You don't.
Who cares if you don't have a partner? Does that make them better than you?
Tell them you do. Then try to find one really quickly!
Laugh in their face. FOREVER ALONE!
Life is too short to worry about these things.

What do you look for in a person?

They must be informed, smart, open minded to new knowledge.
I don't really have a type. Go with the flow.
Some one who puts others first. They must be understanding and put themselves in other peoples shoes.
They must love animals that's for sure!
They must like going out a lot, discover new places with me!
As long as they're not abusive I'm fine.
Mystery. They have to be unpredictable, keeps me on edge.