What color am I? (1)

What color am I? (1)

Find the color you would be if you were a color. If you are lucky you might get your favorite color!

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Your sibling challenges you to a game of worship, wut is your response?

Please, who has time for this?
Not interested.
Sure, I'm bored anyways.
Game on,chump!
If you'll leave me alone.

One of your parents tell you to spend the day outside, your reaction is...

I think I'll clean out the oven like you've been asking
Time for a tan!
Me, outside? Are you joking?!
Great outdoors, here I come!

If your crush finally asks you to the spring formal, you say...

Who me? Seriously?
Took you long enough.
Of course!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Squeal)
I mean, if you want, I don't mind.

If someone started making fun of you, wut would u do?

Roll with it. Laugh along!
Make fun of them back.
Walk away.
Say they need to get lost and leave you alone.
Say anything to avoid further conflict.

What are your feelings of this quiz?

Wow, one of the most amazing I ever took.
Truthfully? Boring.
Is that the best you have?