Would you be Factory dash, swag dash or factory dash?

Would you be Factory dash, swag dash or factory dash?

Would you be the horror Factory dash, murderer of all ponies that dont pass the flight test or sweet old rainbiow dash?

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what would you prefer,

what would you prefer,
Spectra cider, Zekillas favorite blend (zekiler is zacora but she murders ponies and turns them into stew, she also casts
illusions to make the factory look normal)
Plain apple cider
Carrot juice

how would you kill your enemies?

i would never hurt someone
cut there heads off

What would you prefer #2

What would you prefer #2
A nice Palace in Cloudstale
A big Factory with a big scary machine!!!!
fluttershy's shed to be yours

Now for some R.P!!!!
Factorydash: Hi, looks like our new batch of rainbows has arrived!
You: *turns around and sees a pony being killed by the machine*

You: Nice! I can't wait to start work here!!
You: Don't t-t-tell me that's m-m-m-my f-f-fate!

Factory Dash: well put this lab coat on and disect that colt over there!

B-b-b-b-but-t-t i c-c--c-cant do t-t-t-t-t-that

you go over to the colt and put your lab coat on.

i-i-i-im not sure about this
im sorry *the colt kicks you in the head* *you disect him* nobody messes with me!

R.P is now over

thank god!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i was about to disect him

pick one.

the original

what song is better?

The Rainbow factory by Wooden Toaster and brony dance party
20% cooler
One trick pony by mic the microphone and jackleapp