Are you a Royal or a Rebel? (EAH)

Are you a Royal or a Rebel? (EAH)

Can you not decide whether you are a Royal or a Rebel? This quiz will tell you which one you are most like! BTW There is only Royal or Rebel no Roybel or It Depends or anything. This is for the people like me who can't make up their minds and always get 'Roybel'!

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Ok, most important question: Do you believe in destiny?

Duh yes! Destinies are normal. Destinies are GOOD. Just because you know them doesn't make them bad.
Well, yeah, I guess. I mean, I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I have to. For my family, my friends...
No! It's just plain cruel to trap people in a place where they have no decisions!

Favorite color? (OK, I get it if you hate this question. So if you don't like it, select a "Fate")


What do you think of Raven Queen?

She's OK. Just a little confused, is all.
She's stupid! I HATE her! I mean, she did something that huge without even CONSIDERING the consequences to others! She's
so SELFISH! And why start something like that if you're not even going to DO ANYTHING?!?!
She's OK. She's pretty brave, too.
She's awesome! She was so brave, standing up to Headmaster Grimm! She's SO my new role model!

What do you think of Apple White?

She's WAY better than Raven. She puts everyone before herself and thinks before she acts. She's regal and kind, and is always
OK, I guess. Just a little deceived.
Terrible! She thinks she's so perfect and that she knows everything! She's so SELFISH! I mean, she thinks RAVEN actually did
something WRONG! How stupid!

What is your social status?

Social Butterfly
Shy One

What pet would you rather have?

Snow fox
Wolf cub

What would you name your pet? (snow fox)

I didn't choose "Snow fox".

What would you name your pet? (unicorn)

I didn't choose "Unicorn".

What would you name your pet? (wolf cub)

I didn't choose "Wolf cub".

What would you name your pet? (dragon)

I didn't choose "Dragon".

Where would you most like to live?

A new, spectacular palace
An old, grey castle
A cottage in the woods
A seaside condo

Which of these characters is your favorite? (BTW, Maddie is considered a Loyal (commoner that wants their destiny) if you didn't know)

Apple White
Madeline Hatter
Raven Queen
Cerise Hood

Do you prefer the books or the videos?

The books. They are so much more descriptive of every detail, thought, and reason.
The videos. You have to see to believe!
The books. I just like reading about Raven.
The videos. They are much more in favor of the Rebels.
Neither. I haven't read or watched either.
Neither. I just don't like either. (me: then why are you taking this quiz?)

Did you cheat during this quiz? (be completely honest. This will effect your answer)

Of course not! That would totally ruin my result! (me: this is so true, but people do it all the time.)
Not on purpose, but sometimes I'm not sure about a question so I select something randomly.
Maybe... Or maybe not...
Duh! Who doesn't?