Are you a Pearson type player?

Are you a Pearson type player?

What type of player are you? Could you turn out to be a hard working, battling Nigel Pearson type of player or a flash, highly paid Sven Goran Eriksson type player? Take the quiz to find out!

published on October 08, 20124 responses 0
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George Taft calls you on a Friday night and asks you if you want to go clubbing, your playing Peterborough at home tomorrow and you think it should be an easy game. Do you...

Go clubbing with Taft and offer to buy the ACE
Tell Taft that you would love to go, but you should go
out Saturday night if you beat Peterborough and
Tell Taft you would like to go, but spend so long doing
your hair you run out of time and stay in

Nigel asks to speak to you morning of a big game, he says you haven't been performing your best recently. He wants you to be on the bench until you prove yourself in training that you deserve a first team place. Do you...

Get an early nights sleep Sunday night so you are
fresh on Monday to work hard and fight
Ask Pearson if he thinks your hair and scarf look
Book a holiday to Marbella

Richie Wellens offers you a lift to the match, do you...

Accept Wellens offer, you can't be bothered to drive
Decline Wellens offer, your walking to the match as
part of your pre match warm up
Tell Wellens to **** off, you don't like him and you
would rather drive in with style and speed in your Audi

Its match day and you are away to the team who are sitting top of the Championship, do you...

Focus on the task in hand, a tidy 1 goal victory is all
you need
Make sure your socks are looking as tidy and smart as
can be, image is everything
Sit in the home end with the fans cheering on the home

Its the beginning of the season, what do you hope to achieve over the next year?

You don't care what happens as long as you play good
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