What's your signiture colour?

This quiz lets you find out what colour expresses your personality

published on November 08, 201059 responses 9 4.4★ / 5

Your mum has left you homealone. You...

Watch Tv and sleep.
Throw a party!
Go shopping with your girlfriends!
Invite your friends over.
Grafiti on your crushes fence.

At sleepovers with your friends you...

Ahhh, I don't go to sleepovers!
Stay up all night talking about boys!
Let them choose, they have better ideas then me!
Play, truth or dare!
Make all the girls play what you want!

What kind of person are you?

The firey outgoing one!
The caring one!
The girly freak!
The leader!
The dare devil!

What colour is your hair?

Died or naturally blonde!
Brunette or Dark Brown.
Dunno, havn't looked in the mirror for a while.
Black with awesome streaks.
Bright red!

Did you like this quiz?

Am I doing a quiz? OMG!
Yes! I and my friends are testing eachother!
This sucks BIG TIME!
Okay, not the best
Why am I doing this? I don't no!